Presentation de la marque
Hina Moon
is a brand born in january of 2017 from the imagination of a Young parisian mother, Pinar Bingol. The choice of the brand name is inspired by Hina, A Hawaiian goddess who would have created the islands of Hawaii by extirpating them from the ocean. It comes in perfect harmony with the vision of the brand because she blesses seafood and seashells. Hina is a goddess of the moon, the ocean and healing. She represents the essence of feminine energy. The hine suffix determines the feminine nature of things.

La fondatrice, Pinar
Pinar Bingol,
31, is a young mother of a 16-month-old boy, her first child.
Thanks to seashells, she said she was overwhelmed by her first experience of breastfeeding when she had heard so much bad things about it that she did not think she had the courage to do so.
Seashells have clearly been the driving force in breastfeeding. They relieved the pain, accelerated the healing of the cracks. She was flattered to see the curious looks of people intrigued by the shells, so they were interested in her breastfeeding and many realized what it involved.
Moreover, to wear these shells as a jewel was for her a immense pleasure, it was a glamor and feminine touch in postpartum period!
Through Hina Moon she wants today to be an actress in the breastfeeding adventure of other women who wish and who can live this wonderful experience. Her wish is to make them known to all lactating women to make this experience unique and unforgettable with these jewels that can be remembered for life!
Hina Moon is the very beginning of a great adventure with a lot of projects in the coming years destined for future and young moms.
To be continued…


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